Saturday, October 29, 2011

DEFCON 19: Anonymous Cyber War

Speakers: Hubris Strategic Operations, Backtrace Security | a5h3r4h Director of Psychological Operations

This talk will educate listeners on best practices for safety and privacy on the Internet.It aims to demonstrate the improbability of staying anonymous while engaging in group or social activities on the internet, and especially while engaging in criminal activities as a group.

This talk will reveal how Hubris, A5h3r4h, and Backtrace security staged a cyber war against anonymous, using Anonymous' own methods, and how key operatives in anonymous were exposed, scattered and neutralized. In short, how a handful of bored social engineers with no material resources used trolling, social engineering, and the magic of Google to derail an army of out of control btards with a dose of virtual Ritalin.

We will also provide an explanation of how different organizations (and even non-organizations) have their own "signature" beliefs and behaviors and how they can be used against them.


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