Monday, November 7, 2011

DEFCON 19: Metasploit vSploit Modules

Speakers: Marcus J. Carey Enterprise Security Community Manager, Rapid7 |
David Rude AKA bannedit, @msfbannedit, Metasploit Exploit Developer |
Will Vandevanter Senior Penetration Tester, Rapid7

This talk is for security practitioners who are responsible for and need to test enterprise network security solutions. Marcus Carey, David Rude, and Will Vandevanter discuss how to use the Metasploit Framework beyond penetration testing to validate whether security solutions are working as expected. Marcus initiated the creation vSploit auxiliary modules that emulate real-world network attacks. This can be used for good and evil purpose. This talk will debut several Metasploit modules designed specifically for testing firewalls, IDS, IPS, and DLP solutions. This presentation will show how to emulate persistent network attacks with vSploit modules which can come in handy if you are a penetration tester.


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