Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hfox - Security Testing Framework (HSTF) [Firefox Base]

What it can do ?
Most of the part of HSTF is semi-automated but you still need your brain to work it out.
It can be use in web developing / debugging & all IT security testing stages, it has tools for
1. Information gathering
2. Enumeration & Reconnaissance
3. Vulnerability assessment
4. Exploitation
5. Privilege escalation
6. Reporting

Is it useful for me ?
HSTF is very flexible and good enough for any
1. IT Security Professional
2. Web Developer
3. IT student

Version Info :
Current version : 0.3
Type : Portable (no need to install , run from pendrive or any memory card)
Platform : Windows XP , Vista , 7
(Linux Version Coming soon....)

License :
Many Open Source Licenses

Terms of usage :
By using this software you are agreed to the terms of usage of this software
Because of the nature of the software if it is used in any unlawful activity or cyber crime then the author of the software or the site is NOT responsible in any condition.
you as the user of this software is responsible for your deeds.


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