Friday, November 25, 2011

A little guide for linux distros

Hi Security Explorers, Linux is growing really fast now a days and i believe it is the future of OS. Anyway there is still a lot of Linux distros that may confuse a new user in first so i thought to write an article about it.

What is a distro?
distro is short for Linux distribution.
Linux kernel is written by Linus Torvalds. Its open source so anyone can use or edit it.
A distro in short, contain Linux kernel, a set of utilities from GNU project with graphical support.

There is a big number of distros available now a days and i am gonna categories them according to your need.

For new users:

Pinguy OS an out-of-the-box working operating system for everyone, not just geek. I personally suggest this distro. Its loaded with really nice set of tools, all a normal user needs is already packed with a nice looking UI and also drivers play nice out of the box for all my devices bluetooth dongel, wireless pair of keyboard and mice, lan card etc.

PClinuxOS is also nice in this category.

For average users:

Linux Mint
Today many refer it as improved Ubuntu, but its much more. Mints UI is enhanced for usability and package selection is really nice. Browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components are included and working out of the box. Its compatible with Ubuntu software repository.

If you have a notebook or a low end desktop have a look at the Mint lxd.
Ubuntu is the standard now a days but i personally don't like unity so i prefer to go with the mint.

If you wanna have your hands on the latest open source technologies Fedora is the way to go. Its fast, stable, secure and powerful.

For Geeks:

FreeBSD is an indirect descendant of AT&T UNIX. Its fast, high-performance and extremely stable operating system with a complete command-line package management infrastructure and over 21,000 software applications (or "ports") for installation.

For Netbooks:
For the netbooks Joli OS is perfect OS. Also try it on your slow desktop it gonna turn your pc in a beast.But notice that you can only use it if you have a lan or wifi access to the Internet.

Running Linux:
You can run almost any Linux from usb using Unetbootin or burn it in a cd/dvd using imgburn.

For the people who wanna explore more in the Linux world here is some more nice distros to try.

Turn your pc into a media center.

All a security expert/hacker needs!

Good looking and fast!
A (really) small linux distro. Come in a 10mb iso.

Find more amazing Linux distros at distrowatch.
Leave comment and suggestions below.
Thanx for reading.


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