Friday, January 6, 2012

How to survive with a slow internet connection

I lost my broadband before some months and using a 2g phone as a modem which is (really) very slow, so i
thought to write an article about things you can do to make your experience a bit better even in slow connection.

1. Pale moon:
Basically its a windows optimized build of firefox with some tweaks in UI too, i found it a bit faster then official firefox build.

2. Fasterfox:
This addone tweak your firefox or palemoon (in my case) for faster and better browsing, you don't need to mess with the settings it'll handle everything.

3. Adblock plus:
Its a must have addone for everyone. block the adds so websites load faster and also block some known malware links.

4. Flashblock:
Flash content takes a lot of bandwidth. This addone block all flash content and you can simply click on blocked flash if you wanna load it.

Its a free proxy service with image compression, html compression with GZIP and code optimization. It can give a noticeable speed up to your browsing and also hide your ip address.

6. Use a download manager:
If you have a slow connection, def use a download manager, it'll increase download speeds and also give you extra help to resume downloads. My favorite is IDM, but there are some free alternatives too just google it. 

7. CloseTheDoor:
Sometime there is a app in your pc which is connecting to internet and slowing down your work. Its a free utility to view which apps are connecting to internet. Close the apps you don't want.

8.  Pidgin:
Web based chat is really no go in slow connection. I use pidgin to chat with facebook friends and it works beautifully and much faster then browser based chat.

So thats it for now, have your own tips? or any comments, leave it below.
Hope it'll help you all, Thanks for reading.


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