Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Connecting a 20 year old sound system to pc (and kicking some asses)

Yesterday parents was out and i was listening music, playing games without headphones as i was alone. After some time the kids next door started beating drums and this noise really made me crazy. I put some masters of hardcore music on with the full volume but i have only these little kids so its not gonna make much difference.

So after sometime i found dads 20 year old sound system in the junk but only one speaker seems to work as it was renewed before 3 years other one was in a pretty bad condition.

And cables was all cramped, all pins are broken. 

But well who needs pins. i directly putted wire in the socket and it worked out.

and then i found the other socket is dead :(  not giving any output, may be cause of rust or something is broken. So i opened it up.

and connected two little wires directly with the output wires.

So now i have both speakers connected with the amplifier.

I looked at the back of this amplifier and found the input.

and found these cables, one from a my old Super Mario Console, and other 3.5 mm from old speakers.

then i join them with each other :) as i don't like to spend any money to buy cables.

So now i have both speakers connected to pc via this old amplifier.
BUT does it worth all the work?
Lets see :)


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