Saturday, September 17, 2011

Start in the world of reverse engineering

Reverse engineering, software cracking, and ASM may sounds like black magic to some of you. It does in the beginning cause we don’t know what all the code actually means. If one reads and practices enough, it's really not very complicated. Reverse engineering can give you some real understanding of the inner workings of computers. ASM is a very powerful programming language itself as it works on the very low level and gives you better access to all the resources.

Today we are sharing the best tuts on the Internet for starters. This series created by lena151. Contents: 40 tuts on cracking from the very basic to the advanced. I hope it's going to be a very nice place to start for you.

We're gonna continue to share more learning stuff on cracking, so keep in touch.

Further recommended readings: To get a good idea of ASM

Tuts Download Here

Note: this is only for the educational purpose. we don’t take any responsibility for anything and for what you use this information for. I personally recommend you to open all the files in a separate isolated space.
Learn and help others to learn.


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